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Data Mining

Along with data mining and predictive analytics, Oracle Database supports a wide array of analytical features. Since these features are part of a common server it is possible to combine them efficiently. The results of analytical processing can be integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition and other BI tools and applications. Taken as a whole, these features make the Oracle Database a powerful platform for developing analytical applications. The possibilities for combining different analytics are virtually limitless. Example 2-1 shows data mining and text processing within a single SQL query. The query selects all customers who have a high propensity to attrite (> 80% chance), are valuable customers (customer value rating > 90), and have had a recent conversation with customer services regarding a Checking Plus account. The propensity to attrite information is computed using a Data Mining model called tree_model. The query uses the Oracle Text CONTAINS operator to search call center notes for references to Checking Plus accounts.